“Allí donde hubo un río, allí cantemos” remembered the places where once was a river that was diverted or contaminated by the extractive Industry that robs to the Guatemalan Indigenous people their resources.

In the Festival “Libertad para el Agua” participated more than a thousand kids, teens, and women from local communities that have been affected by the Transnational companies, mining, hydroelectric, & monoculture. In Ixcán (Quiché), Chisec (Alta Verapáz), El Estor (Izabal), Champerico (Retalhuleu), Monte Olivo (Cobán), San Juan Chamelco, Santa Rosa, and others, the people shouted: Freedom to water!, Freedom for Bernardo (Caal)!, We fight for life!, We fight for water!, Water Is life not merchandise!, among other slogans and demands.

Produced by “Maiz de vida” for the festival “Libertad para el Agua”.
Thanks to the support of Oxfam, Canada’s Government, & Camino Verde.

Project design and team coordination
Andrés Cano Sierra

Artistic Production
Valeria Leiva

Community call
Abelino Chub
Rosa Yalibath
Hary Cacao

Rivers making
Yutzil Pablo

Volunteers Management
Luis Melgar

Lucía Escobar

Purchasing manager
Lidia Ajcalón

Graphic design
Santiago Lucah

Documentation management
Tierras Bajas del Norte (Sonora Ixcán y Chisec)
Esteban Calderón
Lucía Escobar

Monte Olivo community, Alta Verapaz
Benjamín Sagüi

Champerico, Retalhuleu (Nuevo Monte Cristo, Comunidad 20 de Octubre)
Henning Sac

Lanquín, Alta Verapaz
Rudy Orrego
Valeria Leiva

San Juan Chamelco, Alta Verapaz
Alexander Catún

Audiovisual production
Producer Cuenca Studios
Camera 1 Leyzer Chiquin
Camera 2 Sebastián Winter
Drone Carlos Coc
Sound by Lourdes Maldonado
Edit by Pepe Orozco