Regina José Galindo (1974) is a visual artist and poet, whose main medium is performance. Galindo lives and works in Guatemala, using its own context as a starting point to explore and accuse the ethical implication of social violence and injustices related to gender and racial discrimination, as well as human rights abuses arising form the endemic inequalities in power relations of contemporary societies. Galindo is, in Loris Romano words, “an artist who pushes herself beyond her own limits, trough performances which are radical, unsettling and ethically discomfiting”.

Galindo received the Golden Lion for Best Young Artist in the 51st Biennial of Venice (2005) for her work “¿Quién puede borrar las huellas?” and “Himenoplastia”, two crucials pieces of her ouvre which critique Guatemalan violence that comes from missconceptions of morality as from gender violence, while she demands the restitution of the memory and humanity of the victims. In 2011 she was awarded with the Prince Claus Award from the Netherlands for her ability to transform injustice and outrage into powerful public acts that demand a response.

She has also participated in the 49th, 53rd, and 54th Venice Biennials; Documenta 14 in Athens and Kassel; the 9th International Biennial of Cuenca, the 29th Biennial of Graphic Arts of Ljubljana, the Shanghai Biennial (2016), the Biennial of Pontevedra in 2010, the 17th Biennial of Sydney, the 2nd Biennial of Moscow, the First Triennial of Auckland, the Venice-Istanbul Exhibition, the 1st Biennial of Art and Architecture of the Canarian Islands, the 4th Biennial of Valencia, the 3rd Biennial of Albania, the 2nd Biennial of Prague, and the 3rd Biennial of Lima.

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publicaciones poéticas


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voces de post-guera.

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tanta imagen tras la puerta.

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para conjurar el sueño.

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Her work is part of the collections of

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Nueva York, USA; TATE London; UK; The Pompidou Foundation, París, Francia; Guggenheim’s Collection, Nueva York, USA; La Gaia Collection; Princeton University, NJ, USA.; Rivoli Museum, Torino, Italia; Daros Foundation, Suiza; Meiac, España; Miami Art Museum, Miami, USA; UBS, Suiza; Cisneros Fountanal, Miami, USA; Fondazione Teseco, Pisa, Italia; Fondazione Galleria Civica, Trento, Italia; MMKA, Budapest, Hungría; Consejería de Murcia, España.; y Art Foundation Mallorca, España.