The Guatemalan people lived through a bloody thirty-six year war. During the final years of the war, some glimmers of justice began to appear. The trial against Ríos Montt occurred in 2013, and he was sentenced to 80 years in prison for genocide. This sentence did not last long; mere days later the verdict was overturned and the sentence was annulled.

Despite the weakness and corruption in the Guatemalan judicial system, nothing and no one will be able to erase the sentence. The sentence exists, it is real.

Culpable (Guilty) is a sound-sculpture composed by the master Vinicio Salazar and interpreted by the Ensamble Coral. It was presented in a public space on Sunday, May 10, 2015 two years after the sentencing.

Culpable is a recognition of the people that brought Ríos Montt to trial, and an affirmation of his guilt and of his sentence. Culpable is an affirmation of the truth.

Musical Composition Vinicio Salazar.
Performance Ensamble Coral
Video José Juárez.
Photography David Pérez.
Project made possible by the support of DiaKonia.

(Centro Histórico. Guatemala City, Guatemala. 2015)