“We are the owners of Chile, the owners of the capital and of the land;
the rest is an impressionable and marketable mass;
the mass is worth nothing, neither in opinion nor reputation.”
— Eduardo Matte Pérez.
(Ministry of International Relations, Worship and Colonization, 1889)

It will follow being born of sickly roots
It will continue to give fruit without seed
the land will continue to dry out
the leafs will continue to burn
the oxygen will continue to disappear
life will continue to burn
so then the pain will come
and so we will be desert.
The pine tree is a critical point of discussion in Chile, as it is an enormous source of income for a small circle of individuals. There are grave consequences caused by this elite group regarding various indigenous Chilean communities and severe damage to the ecosystem.

We transform the inside of an art gallery into a desert. Instead of sand we use sawdust. I stay buried in the dunes. The sawdust refers to the spoils that result from the earth’s overexploitation and subsequent desertification.

Commissioned and produced by Galería Gabriela Mistral, Santiago de Chile.
Curator Soledad Novoa Donoso.
Video Andrés Lima and Sebastián Pando.
Photography Rodrigo Maulen.

(Santiago de Chile, Chile. 2015)