hilo de tiempo

One must go back in the thread of time to find the reason for so much death and in this way find life.

My body remains hidden inside of a woven bag for corpses. The audience is free to go unravel the bag until my body is uncovered.

Production Doris Difarnecio & Caleb Duarte Piñón.
Cameras Mia Eve Rollow, Thomas Erling, María Jiménez Romero.
Editing José Enrique Juárez.
Photography María Jiménez Romero, Lydia Reich, Cecilia Monroy Cuevas.
Commissioned and produced by Centro Hemisférico of Performance and Politics in Chiapas and EDELO house of art in movement and intercultural residence.

(San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México. 2012)