I am Alive

It must be spoken
express it
shout it
sing it
again and again
like a mantra
a rosary
a litany
the truth must be set free
the shout must be set free.

Estoy Viva (I am alive) is a recognition of life. It is an affirmation of existence from a full consciousness.

Over the course of one hour, the Grace Chorale of Brooklyn was interpreting the composition that only repeated the phrase “I am alive”. The interpretation included both the most harmonious and the most discordant notes continually repeated in an attempt to reflect the ups and downs of life itself.

Commissioned and produced by EFA Project Space for the collective show The School of Nature and Principle.
Curator Emiliano Valdés.
Composition Paulo Alvarado.
Performance Grace Chorale of Brooklyn.
Choral Director Jason Arbury.
Video EFA Project Space.

(New York, United States. 2015)