La Siesta

Every 46 minutes, up to 31 people each day.
This figure multiplied by eight.
For each one who condemns, seven remain silent.

Hour after hour, day after day, in Guatemala and in every country around the world, cases of sexual violence occur. Submission through drugs or silenced rape is just one of the methods. Inserting a drug in a drink without the victim noticing, to be sexually abused without being able to put up resistance.

Recently, Spain succeeded in creating a protocol to ensure punishment for such crimes. However, in Guatemala, sexual assaults generally continue to have one of the highest rates of criminal impunity.

I fall into a deep sleep after drinking 10 ml of a sedative that is commonly used to carry out silenced rapes. Two men violently wake me up, throwing a bucket of freezing water in my face.

Curators Eugenio Viola & Angel Moya García.
Photography Marco Nari.
Part of the Festival de Performance Sui Generis.

(San Matteo Church, Lucca, Italy. 2016)