las escucharon gritar y no abrieron la puerta

On march 8th of 2017, 56 girls that were in charge of the Guatemalan Government, were locked up in a small room of the “Virgen de la Asunción” refuge as a punishment for an attempt of running away. After many hours of confinement, a fire started inside the room and the authorities in charge never opened the door. The girls shouted for nine minutes before the indifference of the authorities, and nobody helped them. As a consequence of the fire, 41 girls died and 15 survived with serious physical and psychological injuries that are difficult to erase.

Sound performance in which 41 women remained locked inside a small room, shouting during 9 consecutive minutes, in memory of the girls from the “Virgen de la Asunción” refuge. Some mothers of the girls who lost their lives in the refuge participated in the performance.

Production Sildy Gómez Lima
Sound record Enrique Juárez

(Casa de la Memoria “Kaji Tulam”, Ciudad de Guatemala. 2017)