mientras, ellos siguen libres

“They bound me and blindfolded me, I was in the third month of pregnancy, and they stood on my body to immobilize me. They locked me up in a little windowless room. Then they suddenly burst into the room, beat me and raped me. I started bleeding profusely. That’s when I lost my baby”.
– C 18311. Abril, 1992. Mazatenango, Suchitepéquez.
Guatemala: Memoria del Silencio.

“I was raped fifteen times in a row by soldiers and men dressed as civilians. I was in the seventh month of pregnancy, and a few days later I aborted”.
– C 16246. Marzo,1982. Chinique Quiché.
Guatemala: Memoria del Silencio.

In the eighth month of pregnancy, I remain tied to a bed-cot, with real umbilical cords, in the same way that indigenous pregnant women were tied up to be later raped during the armed conflict in Guatemala.

Photography David Pérez
Video Aníbal López 

(Edificio de Correos, Guatemala City, Guatemala. 2007)