Nadie atraviesa la región sin ensuciarse

Let’s not speak from the surface
-the word-
will have weight.

In Central America, it is always spring, just as there is always conflict, always fighting. We live inundated, bogged down. To cross Central America you must cross death to reach life. Today, Miami is a city that watches and lives with new eyes, but thirty years ago, violent crime fueled by drug trafficking devastated the city. In the 1980s, Miami was still a swamp city.

Transformation of the exhibition space into a swamp. I remain buried inside the mud with only my head showing, so that I can breathe. To reach me, the audience must cross the swamp, they must muddy their feet.

The next day, the symposium Central What? was held, as part of the Dialogic CENTRALsolutions event. During the event, the participants also had to walk through the mud.

Curator Roc Laseca.
Photography Jorge Chirinos and Alan Gutiérrez.

(Art Center South Florida. Miami, United States. 2015)