Specially designed for the Botanical Garden of Palermo, this piece retrieves one’s relationship with nature. The Garden’s location creates a unique bond between the sea and the city, a natural microcosm, a universal garden in which species of all origins coexist. It is here that myself and a group of immigrants of twenty different nationalities take refuge at the roots of the trees and plants that correspond to each of our own particular origins.

The performance focuses on the larger consequences of uprooting life. It encourages a reflection based on the parallels between the plants from all over the word that live in and define the landscape of the Botanical Garden, (many were illegally transported to the Garden during the final years of the eighteenth century), and the immigrant communities that are settled in Palermo.

The intention of the performance is to inspire reflection about how humans could live peacefully despite their differences, the possibility of establishing roots in any context, and ultimately grow in harmony with nature and other communities. It does not matter where we come from, we can live together because we form a common origin that is equal in worth to our diversity.

Project Concept and Coordination Antonio Leone.
Curator Giulia Ingarao, Paola Nicita, Diego Sileo.
Botanical Plant Curator Manlio Speciale.
Video Sergio Farfalla.
Photography Sergio Farfalla & Emanuele Lo Cascio.
Special thanks to all of the volunteers:
Neonila Adgezalova / Ukraine / Fraxinus ornus, il mito.
Amadou Ba / Guinea / Encephalartos kisambo, l’ancestrale.
Laura Balcarzar / Colombia / Buhina grandiflora, l’esuberanza.
Sandra Boakye / Ghana / Encephalartos kisambo, l’archetipo.
Claudia Di Gangi / Italy / Myrtus cmmunis, la solitudine.
Niamkey Awatchi Germain Ghislain / Ivory Cost / Coffea arabica, il quotidiano.
Kali Jones / France / Platanus orientalis, l’infanzia.
Adrea Kantos / Sweden / Fraxinus ornus, Yggdrasill.
Luisiana Libidov / Romania / Araucaria columnaris, il ricordo.
Mahbubur Rahman / Bangladesh / Ficus benghalensis, il sacro.
Elpidio Miniado / Philipppines / Schefflera arboricola, il tropilasimo.
Nahar Mosfiqun / Bangladesh / Carica papaya, la casa.
Sofian Mozian / Morocco / Argania spinosa, il paesaggio.
Diego. S. Paini / Argentina / Tabebuia ipe, Claude Monet.
Mari-Dilusya Philippu_Rasa / Sri Lanka / Ficus banghalensis, Siddharta.
Andy Samoisy / Mauritius / Cussoia paniculata, l’australe.
Patrycja Stefanek / Polonia / Platanus orientalis, la guerra.
Ale Voutsinas / Greecie/ Olea europea, il dono.
Marjolein Wortmann / Holland/ Quercus ilex, la forza.
Han Xinli / China / Bambusa vulgaris, la familiarità.
Regina José Galindo / Guatemala / Ceiba speciosa, il viaggio.

(Botanical Garden of Palermo. Palermo, Italy. 2015)