suelo común

Mostec, Slovenia – Under the corn fields, de ski slopes, and the Slovenian school playgrounds, skulls, bones, and teeth are found – the remains of thousands of people whose destinies have been lost for many decades.
By Snjezana Vukic, The Associated Press.

There they hide, away from reality, away from our reality.
We walk over their remains without realizing it, they are the land that sustain us, where we are really standing.

In Guatemala, as in Slovenia, hundreds of mass graves occupy our territories. In Slovenia, as in Guatemala, we are standing over a hidden past, of which little is said, which we refuse to unearth.

Curator Yasmín Martín Vodopivec
Photography  Jaka Babnik

(Commissioned and produced by the International Centre of Graphic Arts / Aleš Bracović. Slovenia. 2013)